A Moyie River oil lamp.

Mushrooms in sandstone satin,

bamboo ash, and peridot green.

Western inspired pottery... natural...serene...beautiful

Creamy white pitchers

in a smooth satin finish.

Soothing glaze palette, mixed by hand, meant to bring the peace of the outdoors into your home.

My pottery inspires you to slow down and enjoy the beauty in everyday life.

- Michelle Schneider

‚ÄčA trio of birch mugs along the beautiful       Moyie River.

A mushroom cup on 

a foggy morning.

Birch mugs in a variety of shapes.


A birch nesting bowl set.

Birch vase in satin white.

Creamy pair of teacups and saucers.

Peridot green mushroom pitcher.

Birch mugs in a variety of shapes.